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Wellness Upkeep Membership Plan

Wellness Upkeep Membership Plan

Sugar Spa –Treat Yourself to Luxury

Brighten your smile, energize and freshen your skin, and give your face a luxurious spa treatment, all with your own two hands, as part of an amazing visit to the Sugar Spa. Sugar Spa is a relaxing, elegant option for clients who want to deliver their own proven beauty therapies in a chic spa setting. At the Sugar Spa, you are skillfully guided on an enchanting journey to younger-looking, healthier skin and a clean, bright smile, all self-administered by you. From the moment you enter your amazing Sugar Spa clinic, you and your party will delight in the exceptional care and attention you’ll receive as you choose from a stunning selection of therapies for your skin and teeth. They include LED photofacials, teeth whitening treatments, exquisite gold and platinum mask facials and bee venom treatments to erase the signs of aging and stress on your skin while leaving it rejuvenated, radiant and beautiful. Besides all of the fun you’ll have with your friends as part of your spa day, including the gorgeous results, you can be certain that all of the Sugar Spa treatments are self-administered under the expert guidance of trained technicians. Sugar Spa is a sensational way to enjoy all the services of a five star spa experience, at a fraction of the cost.

Take advantage of one of the Sugar Spa Membership packages today for exceptional opportunities to enhance and enrich your lifestyle with more youthful and beautiful skin and teeth.

 No initiation or cancellation fees

Why a Sugar Spa Membership?

 Being a Sugar Spa member makes you part of a unique and special clientele, those who desire a spa experience like no other. If you are proactive in the care of your skin and teeth, and you love the idea of taking the lead in your specially tailored Sugar Spa therapy sessions, then you will be delighted by our membership options. As a Sugar Spa member, you have the best of all worlds – a serene and relaxing space where aromatherapy is included in every session, proven, scientifically based skin therapies will erase the effects of your hectic schedule as you treat yourself to high-tech light facials that eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. Best of all, all the treatments, even the revolutionary LED teeth whitening sessions, are all self-administered under the direction of our Sugar Spa experts and come at a fraction of the cost of typical spa treatments.

Your affordable membership fee means you will enjoy special perks such as deep member discounts, regular monthly treatments of your own choice and the opportunity to share the experience with friends and family. Imagine hosting a bachelorette party or girls’ day out at the Sugar Spa as part of your membership privileges.

Choose from one of our exciting options and get your Sugar Spa membership today. Then, make Sugar Spa your refuge for relaxation, rejuvenation and a delightful escape from the stresses of your busy life. Treat yourself well, and do it your way, at Sugar Spa.

Benefits of the Wellness Upkeep Plan

Wellness Upkeep Plan

Monthly Plan - 
1 Session a week 
Choose From Teeth Whitening , LED Light Therapy Photofacials ( Red,Blue,Yellow,Infared), Gold Mask Facials, Platinum Mask Facials, Under Eye Mask Facial Gold, Under Eye Mask Facial Platinum 
Deep Discounts and Exciting Incentives
Get a 65% discount for all Sugar Spa products, skin care that erases fine lines and wrinkles and leaves your skin young looking!

Refer your friends and get a $20 credit. Refer 2 get 1 month free

Treat Your Friends and Family

Friends and family members get 45% off when you bring them to Sugar Spa. Treat your friends to a wonderful spa day at Sugar Spa and save money. Share your Sugar Spa experience for the low transfer fee of only $5 per session! That’s once each month and the same recipient gets this great deal every six months.

    The Perks Keep Coming

    Gold member preferred status when booking appointments.

    Enjoy complimentary aroma therapy options for stress relief and wellness, a $20 value for all gold member sessions.

    Special discounts for member hosted events, such as special occasions, bachelorette parties, birthdays etc. 

    Get your Sugar Spa Wellness Upkeep Plan today and enjoy spa services like no other!