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Anti Aging Platinum Mask Facial

Anti Aging Platinum Mask Facial

More than Masking The Effects of Aging, Sugar Spa Platinum Mask Facials Heal

Taking the care and improvement of your skin into your own hands is now possible without sacrificing that wonderful spa experience, with Sugar Spa’s choice of expertly guided, do it yourself skin therapies at the spa, including the ever popular Platinum Mask Facial.  Our clients are able to apply a mask of rich, healing anti-aging formula enriched with colloidal platinum, a powerful anti-oxidant that restores the natural balance of the skin, increasing hydration and elasticity.  Scientifically proven to erase fine lines and wrinkles that form with age, the Sugar Spa Platinum Mask also helps to smooth, firm, moisturize and heal the effects of aging.  The revolutionary Sugar Spa Platinum Mask treatment is unique and one-of-a-kind, designed for proactive clients who prefer a more hands-on approach to skin care.  As a Sugar Spa client, patients at the spa enjoy the opportunity to administer the platinum facial themselves, expertly guided by a trained Sugar Spa technician, the perfect way to get the most from your luxurious spa treatment at a fraction of the cost.

  • Trained Sugar Spa technicians provide guidance and support
  • Colloidal Platinum stimulates and energizes your skin
  • All the benefits of a spa facial at a fraction of the cost
  • Revolutionary tools for better skin at your fingertips
  • Platinum facial masks are scientifically tested with proven results

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