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Anti Aging Gold Mask Facial

Anti Aging Gold Mask Facial

Pamper Your Skin With Sugar Spa’s Gold Mask

Achieve that wonderful glow you feel after a relaxing spa day with a Sugar Spa Gold Mask treatment that you can achieve for yourself and still enjoy a visit to the spa.  Guided by trained Sugar Spa experts, clients have the power of gold at their fingertips as they administer their own healing gold mask facial therapy at a fraction of the cost of an esthetician’s treatment.  The 24K gold is a proven treatment for adding a radiance to skin, while tightening and firming, energizing and hydrating skin to restore a youthful glow.  Sugar Spa facilities enable clients to take charge of their own skin therapies, using state of the art technique and tools to ensure astounding results, lavishly pampering themselves at the spa without the costly investment associated with many spa facials.  You can restore the glow of youth to your own skin with Sugar Spa’s Gold Mask Facial.

  • Scientifically proven formula to reduce stress related lines and wrinkles, firm skin and gold for hyper hydration and radiant glow
  • Proven salon treatment clients can apply themselves as part of the spa visit
  • Expert guidance and support from trained Sugar Spa technicians
  • Lavish, top of the line facial at an affordable price
  • A chance to be proactive with your beauty regimen

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